A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

As they call to unite, the beginning and the end of the string become one, entrapped by a vicious cycle of causality.

A demo developed for the "I Can't Write But Want To Tell A Story" game jam, hosted by charlmes.

The game itself is really short, and serves only as a tech demo and a really superficial introduction to a story and a world I might develop in the future in a non-jam setting.

All assets were made by samm.

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded file and run the executable.


Windows 20 MB
Mac 23 MB
Linux 26 MB


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Game is good so far, I liked the interactions with everything that you look at! The colour palette is nice on the eyes, and I liked the wiggly text! Pixel art is nice as well as the music. 

One suggestion I would leave for your game would be to add some pixel art of the story at the very beginning, like a storybook of some sort. There was a little problem where Liam kept moving (into a wall/in place) if I pressed the arrow keys during text events (like the first awakening, and the conversation with Esme). 

Albeit short story, I was interested in what could have happened after the initial start up of the game, so if you do continue the development of this game, I encourage you to do so!

Nice game! I like the art, and the way the text moves/bounces :D nice story, I'd like to see it more! The only part I disliked was the way the character moved/the animation because it felt slow,  and not accurate to how 'fast' they were actually going, but that's ok ^-^